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Heat source equipment series

Gas fuel hot air stove

Summary:It is the direct combustion of fuel, the high-purification treatment to form hot air, and the material is directly contacted by heating, drying or baking. This method consumes about half as much fuel as steam or other indirect heaters. Therefore, direct high-purification hot air can be used without affecting the quality of the dried product.

Detailed description

Gas and oil hot air stoves are the ideal hot air equipment in the fields of drying, reaction, calcining and heating. They can be used in combination with various drying equipments . They can provide high clean hot air with different temperatures for drying systems, and can burn natural gas, city gas, CBM, gas, gas and light diesel, bio-oil, residual/heavy oil. 
 Due to the relatively clean hot flue gas produced by direct combustion of light oil and natural gas, in industrial production, a direct fired type is usually used, ie direct hot flue gas generated from fuel or gas is directly used as a heat medium.

 Equipment Composition The 
 direct-fired gas-fired, oil-fired hot air furnace mainly consists of a valve assembly, a burner, a combustion chamber, a secondary air distribution system, and a control system.

 How it works The 
?? fuel burns through the burner and produces high-temperature gas. The heat of the high-temperature gas is transmitted to the heated air by means of a hot-air stove with enhanced heat exchange measures. After the high-temperature gas is emitted, the temperature is lowered to 250° C. and discharged to the atmosphere. The heated air is forced into the hot blast stove through the optional blower. When the heat is absorbed, the temperature rises to the rated value and is sent from the hot air outlet. When the hot air temperature reaches the upper limit of the rated temperature, the burner will automatically stop burning or automatically switch to a small flame. When the temperature of the hot air drops below the rated minimum temperature, the burner will be re-ignited or burned. The temperature rise can be adjusted by adjusting the opening of the intake valve.

 Product Features 
 1. Clean air and high thermal efficiency. Auxiliary equipment less, low investment costs, good operating environment; 
 2, adjustable hot air temperature, continuous heating air temperature stability; 
 3, easy to operate, manual / automatic control; 
 4, with automatic ignition, load regulation and flame detection, alarm Features.

Technical specifications

modelBurner modelFuel quantity kg/hHeat supply 104kcal/hDimensions L×W×HmmHot air outlet L×WmmTotal weight kg
RLY20RIELLO 1G/DL34FS26-32202800×1568×1870Φ4002670
RLY100PRESS 4G/DL 120FT130-1401006440×2480×2300550×60012800
RLY360G1510480-6203609300×2920×3480 21000


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