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Paddle dryer is more and more widely used in electroplating sludge industry

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      Electroplating is a highly polluted industry, but it is one that people have to use. All kinds of refined parts are treated by electroplating. The electroplating industry produces a large amount of sludge and sewage to be treated, otherwise it will bring serious pollution problems. The electroplating wastewater needs to be neutralized by adding lime, but it produces another pollution, that is, electroplating sludge. The danger of electroplating sludge comes from heavy metals and their exudates, mainly copper, nickel, chromium, cyanide, zinc and so on. According to the current national environmental protection policy, the electroplating sludge should be recycled by qualified enterprises. The treatment of electroplating sludge is a very important environmental cost for many electroplating enterprises. After the electroplating sludge dryer is used to dry the electroplating sludge, the cost of recovery by weight will be greatly reduced. So many enterprises now use the electroplating sludge paddle dryer to dry the sludge before submitting it for treatment, in order to reduce the cost.
      JinXiang dryer specializes in the design and manufacture of paddle dryer for electroplated sludge, aiming at industries: printing and dyeing, paper making, biology, electroplating, thermoelectricity, chemical industry and sewage treatment plants. After dewatering, the initial water content of sludge is 80%, after drying, the final water content is 10%-50%, and the general sludge requirement is about 30%. The dry sludge can be mixed with pulverized coal and directly burned in the boiler. The calorific value of the sludge is about 1500-2000 kcal. The waste can be utilized and saved energy. Some sludge can be made into fertilizer and building materials after drying, or directly landfill will not cause secondary combustion. Pollution, turning waste into treasure, can completely meet the requirements of environmental protection. This equipment has low energy consumption, heat source can be heated by steam, heat conducting oil, hot air, flue gas, etc. (evaporation of 1 kg water consumes 1.1-1.3 kg steam). It has the advantages of low power consumption, stable operation, low noise and small workload, and is basically fully automatic production.
      At present, enterprises are increasingly aware of environmental protection and sludge is a common problem that puzzles the development of enterprises. Suli Drying has introduced advanced sludge drying technology from abroad and manufactured a special paddle dryer for electroplated sludge based on the actual situation in China. It can meet the requirements of customers in the industry. It has been trusted and cooperated by more and more enterprises. It has cooperated with many large, medium and small enterprises in China. The company will use exquisite technology and better service with you, work hand in hand to create a green land.


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