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Drying process of sludge dryer

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      The printing and dyeing sludge dryer is a kind of indirect heating machine which uses the heat conduction principle of the inner wall of the pitched hollow blade and cylinder equipment. The printing and dyeing sludge dryer indirectly heats the sludge produced by the printing and dyeing wastewater and the sludge between paste and paste, so that the sludge produced by the printing and dyeing sludge or domestic sewage treatment can be dewatered and dried, reduce the volume, and then comprehensively utilize it, turn waste into treasure, Secondary pollution, printing and dyeing sludge dryer is the ideal drying equipment for the treatment of printing and dyeing sludge.
      Printing and dyeing sludge dryer adopts special wedge stirring heat transfer blade, which has high heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning function of heat transfer surface. The structure is that the wedge-shaped hollow blades are arranged densely on the hollow shaft, and the heat transfer area per unit effective volume is large. The heat medium can use steam, heat conducting oil and other carriers, and the temperature is between 18 and 230 degrees. Because sludge from domestic water treatment or printing and dyeing wastewater belongs to paste or slurry, the wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface is adopted in the design of sludge dryer, and the continuous relative motion between paste or slurry sludge and wedge-shaped blade surface produces a scouring effect. Therefore, the sludge, whether granular, powdery, pasty, slurry or wedge-shaped heat transfer surface of equipment, has better self-cleaning function.
      In addition to the wedge-shaped hollow blade drive shaft, the outer shell of the sludge dryer is circular at the bottom and rectangular at the top. There are 2-4 hollow stirring shafts arranged in the shell, and there is a sealing end cover between the shaft and the shell. The upper cover can prevent material dust from leaking and collect wet steam at the same time. In order to ensure the drying effect, the material level baffle is set at the outlet to ensure the material level height, so that the heat transfer surface is covered by the material to give full play to the heat conduction effect. The heat transfer medium (steam or heat conducting oil) of the dryer enters the densely distributed hollow slurry blade on the axle through the rotating joint at the axle end. The shell jacket and the hollow axle simultaneously heat the material.



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