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Electroplating sludge drying machine-Hangzhou Jicheng Auto Parts

Application client:Hangzhou Jicheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Selected products::KJG-40 2205 Duplex stainless steel steam heating 1
Materiel: Electroplating sludge
Summary:Electroplating sludge is the “end state” of wastewater treatment in the electroplating industry.

Detailed description

Features :

The hollow shaft is densely arranged with wedge-shaped hollow blades, and the heat medium flows through the blades through the hollow shaft. The heat transfer area in the effective volume per unit is large, and the temperature of the heat medium is from -40 ° C to 320 ° C. It can be water vapor or liquid type: such as hot water and heat transfer oil. Indirect conduction heating, no air is carried away to remove heat, and heat is used to heat the material. The heat loss is the heat dissipation to the environment through the insulation of the body. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function. The relative movement of the material particles and the wedge surface produces a scrubbing action, which can wash away the adhering material on the wedge surface, so that a clean heat transfer surface is maintained during operation. The housing of the paddle dryer is W-shaped, and two to four hollow agitator shafts are generally arranged in the housing. The housing has a sealed end cap and an upper cover to prevent material dust from leaking and collecting material solvent vapor. A baffle is arranged at the discharge port to ensure the height of the material level, so that the heat transfer surface is covered by the material and fully functions. The heat medium passes through the rotary joint and flows through the casing jacket and the hollow agitating shaft. The hollow agitating shaft has different internal structures according to the type of the heat medium to ensure the good heat transfer effect.

Application:     ●The paddle dryer has been successfully used in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, dye, industrial sludge drying, paper sludge drying, printing and dyeing sludge drying, and domestic sludge drying. The heat transfer, cooling, and agitation characteristics of the equipment enable it to perform the following unit operations: calcination (low temperature), cooling, drying (solvent recovery), heating (melting), reaction, and sterilization.

● The agitating blade is also a heat transfer surface, which increases the heat transfer area per unit effective volume and shortens the processing time. The wedge-shaped blade heat transfer surface has a self-cleaning function. Compression - the expansion and agitation function makes the material mix evenly. The material moves in a "plug flow" along the axial direction, and the temperature, humidity, and mixing gradient of the material are small in the axial interval. 
    ● Cooling media such as water, cooled brine, etc. can be used for cooling. For example, the paddle type alkali machine used in the soda ash industry replaces the old air cooling alkali machine, which saves energy and exhaust gas treatment equipment, reduces operating costs, and can also be used for cooling of nickel-iron alloy powder and various granular materials. . The material can be cooled from 1000 ° C to less than 40 ° C in a single machine. 
  ● Drying, the main function of the equipment, does not use hot air, so that solvent recovery, energy consumption, and environmental control are in an ideal state of easy handling. It is especially suitable for the need to recover solvents, flammable and easy to oxidize heat sensitive materials. Has been widely used in fine chemicals, petrochemicals, dyes industry.   
  ● The uniformity of temperature, humidity and mixing in the axial section allows the equipment to be used for heating or melting, or to carry out some solid material reaction. It has been successfully used in the compound fertilizer and modified starch industries. A paddle dryer can be used to sterilize food and flour. The large heating area in the effective volume of the unit quickly heats the material to the sterilization temperature, avoiding prolonged heating and changing the quality of the material.

    ● Low energy consumption of the paddle dryer: Due to indirect heating, there is not a large amount of air carrying heat, and the outer wall of the dryer is provided with an insulation layer. For the slurry material, 1.22 kg of water vapor is required to evaporate 1 kg of water. 
    ● The blade dryer system has a low cost: it has a huge heat transfer surface in the effective volume, which shortens the processing time and reduces the size of the equipment. It greatly reduces the building area and building space. 
    ● Wide range of processing materials: Different heat media can be used to process both heat sensitive materials and materials requiring high temperature processing. Commonly used media are: water vapor, heat transfer oil, hot water, cooling water, etc. It can be operated continuously or intermittently and can be applied in many fields. 
    ● Low environmental pollution: no air is used, and dust materials are rarely entrained. The solvent evaporation of the material is small and easy to handle. Closed loops can be used for contaminated materials or for conditions requiring recovery of solvents. 
    ● Low operating cost: The device operates normally, 1-2 people/day. Low speed mixing and reasonable structure. The amount of wear is small and the maintenance cost is low. 
    ● Stable operation: Due to the special compression-expansion agitation of the wedge-shaped blades, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer surface. In the axial interval, the temperature, humidity and mixing gradient of the material are small, thus ensuring the process. Stability.


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